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Want More Bliss In Your Life?

HEY! I’m Krystal. I’m a multi-passionate entrepenuer, relentless optimist, Founder of The Blissful Woman Project, and a self-proclaimed #blissboss.

First of all, welcome to the site girl! You somehow found out about this project through referral, podcasts, social media or a really awesome internet search and you have arrived to your blissful destination.

Everything we do here is designed with the purpose to produce more anandamide (ahem, that’s science speak for bliss) in your brain. So for a moment, allow yourself to breathe deeply and put that mental to-do list down because, I’ve got you.

bliss / blis / -noun

A state of effortless joy, profound connection, and the absence of doubt.

Did You Know You Can Eat For Bliss?

Science has shown that you can naturally boost the bliss chemical (anandamide) in your brain simply by eating the right foods.

Learn more and join me for this free training in blissful eating.