The Power to discover your true purpose and unlock feelings of absolute bliss is within you.

Welcome to The Blissful Woman Project, where we merge self-love with science, creative expression with confidence, and provide the resources and blissipline you need to design the life of your dreams.

The Blissful Woman Project is a creative awakening. It is for women looking to live an authentic, interesting, unique life that truly reflects who you are and what is important to you. This happens through the cultivation of self-esteem, self-confidence, trust and a willingness to be foolish now and then!

Being “Perfect” is boring, right?

I want to help you lovingly rebel against the voices of fear, criticism, control and doubt and give you the confidence to find your own vision, your own voice.

When this happens we start to think, behave and feel differently. We feel freer, more choices become available to us and life takes on more color and possibility.

The tools and resources offered here are designed to help you create, discover, play and reconnect with what makes you feel truly blissful and in your genuine feminine power.

It’s time to break up with your bliss blockers.

Over 62 million women surveyed in North America report they feel “unexpressed” in their lives. And there are millions of other women that feel this same way, but haven’t been asked to voice how they feel.

Take a deep belly breath. Ask yourself, is there is a deeper expression of yourself waiting in the shadows? Are you hiding your light from the world?

This stiffening of your soul’s expression happens as a result of what I call “Bliss Blockers”.  And our work together will help you acknowledge these blocks in your life and give you the gusto you need to remove them so you can shine like the star child you are.

Girl, you’re already made of star-stuff. 

I just want to help you express your magic into the world.