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  • Breaking Up with "Bliss Blockers" Do you know that the bliss chemical in your brain (anandamide) is VERY easily affected by the foods you eat? Some foods you've been told are healthy are likely Blocking Your Bliss.We'll discuss what these are and give you YUMMY options to replace them in your diet.
  • Feeling Cranky & Unmotivated? It's time to LOVE your body again and EAT FOR BLISS! We'll discuss how to fuel your body with the 7 magical ingredients that are guaranteed to improve your mood and bring back your bliss.
  • Mindset and Motivation. As a woman, you've been taught to feel so much shame about your food choices and cravings. STOP DOUBTING YOURSELF NOW. In this training we'll provide tips & exercises to release this shame and start making blissful (and delicious) food choices.
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