It’s time to Put Yourself first.

Sometimes we can do it alone, but often we need support. There will always be voices telling you that you’re not worth it, that it’s not possible and that you should give up.

The Blissful Woman Project has many free resources and feel good ways for you to elevate your life using your bliss as the gateway.

But often times, we need a coach.

My job is to help you be brave, explore, take healthy risks and be constantly reminded of how worthy and valuable you are. I’m going to scare those voices away and provide you with actionable steps to overcome whatever challenges you face.

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“You knew exactly what I needed to hear.

Thank you for kicking me in the butt and helping me address the darkness in my life that was holding me back. I feel like I’ve become the person I always knew I could be and I LOVE it.”

Did You Know You Can Eat For Bliss?

Science has shown that you can naturally boost the bliss chemical (anandamide) in your brain simply by eating the right foods.

Learn more and join me for this free training in blissful eating.

Join our community of women and help us Spread Bliss.

Together we are approaching life in a more holistic, balanced, soulful way. There are many creative people who are not necessarily generating more positivity on the planet through their work. They may be regurgitating stories of fear and hostility rather than using their creative fire to inspire, heal and burn a mark of love on the planet.

This work is for genuine, caring, compassionate, passionate women. Whether you’re looking to make a big change in your personal life or start a new business we are here to support you. Negativity, abuse, and shaming will not be tolerated. General freak outs, panic attacks, insecurities, vulnerabilities and fear are absolutely welcome and encouraged.